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Video Submissions 2019-2020

The Language Centre is proud to present our language learners’ creative work of this year’s Languages Thirst @ Warwick Video Competition.

We challenged our learners to share their experiences of learning Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian through a video.

Watch the short listed videos to see how these learners started and enjoyed their language journeys.

By: Ishwar Kapoor

Home department: Warwick Manufacturing Group

"Personal experience, nice to have a snapshot of China through pictures."

By: Lucia Evans

Home department: School of Modern Languages and Cultures

"Dynamic, passionate and persuasive, very informative about the process of learning Portuguese."

By: Abbey Huang

Home department: Mathematics Institute

"Engaging, informative, presents many aspects of the language, culture, art, politics and teaching."

By: Padua Eaton

Home department: Psychology

"Original, enthusiastic and inviting, a fresh approach and a great effort to portray the culture of Japan and present the spoken language."

By: Fiona Holdsworth

Home department: School of Modern Languages and Cultures

"Genuine, interesting to hear the spoken language and know some culture differences through one’s own eyes."

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.