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What do our students think of Film and Television Studies?

Find out more about life at Warwick

As part of our film studies family, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded students and teachers, and have the opportunity to get involved in our vibrant extra-curricular scene. We provide exceptionally high levels of small-group teaching and supportive pastoral care provision.

If you want more hands-on experience with film-making during your studies at Warwick, we really recommend the student societies which will help you to develop your skills and make lots of friends too.

Devyn Attwood, current blogger

Hi I'm Devyn! I'm a first year film and TV student here at Warwick. Coming to study at Warwick is the best decision I have ever made as it has allowed me to make some amazing friends and try many new things. Since starting at Warwick I have begun training as a projectionist with the student cinema, taken up archery, made one of my scripts into a short film and have even managed to meet local celebrity Rolf the campus cat! I hope my posts will be helpful to both current and prospective students and if you have any questions please feel free to message me!

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Ellie Upton, current blogger

My name is Ellie and I'm a first year Film and TV student. I'm loving my time at Warwick so far and I hope my blog posts will help you to love it too! I couldn't have asked for a better department in which to begin my further education journey. I also hope that my blog posts will help somewhat to prepare you for what is to come both academically and in your personal lives - studying at University is a big deal! The fact that I am a wheelchair user also means that I am pretty well versed in accessibility at Warwick so let me know if you have any questions.

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Student societies

Our popular societies give you the chance to take your love of film and television in exciting directions. You’ll make strong friendships and take yourself out of your comfort one in the best way possible.

  • BFT Film Productions is a student film and TV production society on campus. You’ll be part of a supportive student network where you’ll meet writers, actors, directors, producers and other creatives. It’s the friendships that you forge here that could lead to collaborative film or TV projects or support for your own productions.
  • Get to know like-minded film enthusiasts through the Warwick Film Studies society. They organise a variety of social events, talks and presentations from guest speakers – many of which have close connections with the film and television industries.
  • Join Warwick TV, the student-run TV station, or pen your reviews for The Boar, our independently-funded newspaper run entirely by Warwick students. We also have a nationally acclaimed radio station on campus (RaW 1251AM), which gives you the chance to host your own show. Famous alumni who joined Radio Warwick include actor, writer and director Stephen Merchant, film critic James King and broadcaster Simon Mayo. Rope in your friends or spearhead your own show – it’s up to you.
  • Warwick Student Cinema is one of the jewels in the crown. This society runs a professional standard cinema on campus for all students during term-time. The society showcases over 150 films every year, from Hollywood blockbusters, cult classics to independent movies. Flagship events not to be missed include outdoor screenings and the ‘All Nighter’ series, showing six films (including a mystery one) back-to-back.
  • We also have a large Arts Centre on campus, where you can catch the latest releases. The performance venue also attracts big names and hosts regular shows for students and the wider community. And we're only a train ride away from London, where you can enjoy the British Film Institute.
Amy Duffell

"Studying Film and Television at Warwick has been amazing and I believe this is down to the quality of the department itself.

Not only are the tutors incredibly passionate about what they teach, something they pass on to students, but they are very friendly and easy to talk to.

The department may be small, but this works entirely in its favour as it offers a comfortable community, family-like feel. I believe the ethos of the department is to allow students to grow and work to the best of their abilities to achieve great things, and I have certainly felt that and will greatly miss my time spent there."

Cameron Butler

"The Film and Television Department at Warwick has provided me with a nurturing and supportive context in which to pursue and excel in a subject I am truly passionate about.

Not only is the department outstanding technically, with state of the art viewing facilities and a vast library of texts, but the lecturers are some of the leaders in their field, meaning you have the best possible experience of the films being studied.

The small size of the department meant that it only took a few weeks for me to get to know my fellow classmates and teachers, contributing to a close-knit community.

The content is both stimulating and fascinating, covering a wide range of ground, ranging from the silent cinema of the late 19th century, to the superhero blockbusters of the modern day.

It has been an absolute pleasure to come into university every day to study a subject that I love. I would therefore recommend this course without hesitation to anyone who has a passion for film and is eager to learn more about it."

Stefano Dunne, former blogger

Hey! I’m Stefano and I’m a second year Film and Television student. A former Rootes resident, I now live in Leamington Spa and split my time between the cinema, the film department and the pub (A healthy combination).

The Film and Television department is highly regarded as one of the best in the country and as a result this offers up a plethora of opportunities. Furthermore, being a campus university, Warwick has a lot going on and getting stuck in to every aspect of university life can be hugely rewarding.

I write for the Boar, work alongside some of the filmmaking societies and am prone to the odd cocktail masterclass that pops up now and then. I hope this blog offers up a feel for university life and gives you a sense of what being a film student at Warwick is like.

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