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During the course of my PhD, I have been a seminar tutor and guest lecturer in the Department of Film and Television Studies.


I have led undergraduate seminars on the core 3rd year module Film Aesthetics. The aim of the module is to generate better understanding of what cinema is, how one defines terms such as 'art' and 'cinematic', and how one evaluates and interprets film.

HOLLYWOOD CINEMA [2013 & 2011/12]

I have led undergraduate seminars on the core 2nd year module Hollywood Cinema. This year the module focuses on great filmmakers working within the Hollywood system during the classical period, including Frank Capra, Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock. In the second half of term, there is specific focus on the work of Max Ophuls.


I led undergraduate seminars on the core 1st year module Basic Criticism. The first of the module concerned representations of Joan of Arc throughout film history, and the second half broadly addressed issues surrounding childhood in cinema in films like George Washington [David Gordon Green, 2000] and Pather Panchali [Satyajit Ray, 1955].

I lectured on the second half of the module, leading the session on Let the Right One In [Tomas Alfredson, 2008] as a revisionist vampire film.


For consecutive years, I have been a guest lecturer on 3rd year module Postmodernisms and Hollywood, leading the session on Linda Hutcheon's theories regarding postmodern history in relation to Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There [Todd Haynes, 2007].

I'm Not There

Let the Right One In

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