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AI and Gender Trouble: Multidisciplinary Podcast

“A computer scientist, a philosopher and a mathematician go to the movies… Can they talk about the film afterwards?”

Based on the contemporary popular film Ex Machina and the television shows Humans and Westworld, a new IAS-funded interdisciplinary academic podcast will record a roundtable discussion on 9 December 2016. Speakers are selected across the departments of Statistics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Film Studies. The first topic is:

"How do representations of artificial intelligence intersect with cultural discourses and contemporary feminisms?"

Humans on Channel 4We want to know what you want to know -

Pose your comments, or suggestions here, on facebook/genderandAI or Tweet to #AIGenderTrouble and

Have experts respond to your ideas!


Speakers : Dr Kate Devlin, Department of Computing (Goldsmiths); Dr. Thomas Nichols, WMG & Department of Statistics; Dr John Pickering, Department of Psychology (Warwick); Dr Owen Weetch, Department of Film and Television (Warwick)

Moderator: Dr Matthew Denny, Department of Film and Television (Warwick)

Organised by: Dr Nike Jung, ECF (Warwick)

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