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Postgraduate Research Group

The Postgraduate Research Group was set up by a number of graduate students in the department who were looking for a venue for sharing and discussing their research and ideas in a friendly, informal atmosphere whilst also socializing and forming something of a student community.

The group meets on a regular basis (twice a term) with members taking turns to talk about problems and/or interesting developments in their own research projects or even to just show and discuss interesting clips from the films and/or programmes that they're working on. The meetings provide an opportunity for those speaking to develop their presentation skills as well as to get accustomed to discussing their work in front of an audience. This also has the effect of offering informative seminars for those in attendance and, in turn, allows them to practice being an academic audience. The meetings are also arranged so as to include unstructured time for general socializing, with food and drink provided for all in attendance.

The meetings are open to all postgraduate students in the department, and anyone who is interested in participating, either as a speaker or a guest are encouraged to contact Jo Oldham ( about upcoming meetings and events. Those who will be joining the department as postgraduate students in the near future are especially encouraged to be in touch, whether it be to meet current students socially or just to find out more about the postgraduate student experience in the department.

Photo from Dr Who