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Urban Sensographies

Urban Sensographies: An Urban Room

What kind of city do we want and how do we get there?

Venue: Upstairs in Metropolis, Earl St, Coventry CV1 5RU
Opening times: 22nd-30th July, 12pm-8pm

This exhibition emerges from a 3-year project called Sensing the City (2017-2020) led by Prof Nicolas Whybrow, which focused on the human body as sensor to gather data about Coventry city. Drawing on artistic practices of dance, photography, sound, writing and film, we share findings of our work from that period, plus new developments in light of the pandemic, the City of Culture year, and our evolving research. We explore the legacy of Sensing the City, with a renewed focus on questions of touch, proximity, and the senses. Coventry people are invited to immerse themselves in newly relevant questions, artworks, and processes of sensory knowing in the city.

Photographic collage and texts by Prof Nicolas Whybrow (University of Warwick), video and sound work by Dr Michael Pigott (University of Warwick), photographic documentation and interactive materials by Dr Natalie Garret-Brown (UEL) and Dr Emma Meehan (Coventry) with collaborators Dr Christian Kipp and Dr Amy Voris (independent artists), and video documentation and performance ‘actions’ by sirenscrossing (Dr Carolyn Deby independent artist).

The exhibition will spill out into the surrounding city with actions, walks and interventions, weather permitting.

This project has been funded /supported by: University of Warwick, Coventry University, University of East London, AHRC/UKRI, Metropolis, Historic Coventry.

Listen to a podcast produced during the project: Arts and Urban Planning


In this podcast, 4 speakers talk about arts and city planning.

Speakers include: Aude Bicquelet-Lock, Deputy Head of Policy and Research at Royal Town Planning Institute
Jo Shore, Head of Public Realm at Coventry City Council
Sarah Spanton, director at Waymarking ( Community Interest Company)
Sara Wookey, independent dance artist and researcher

Introduced by Emma Meehan and edited by Fresh Media Coventry.

Recorded at the 'Moving and Mapping Salons', Coventry University, 2019, curated by Natalie Garrett Brown and Emma Meehan