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Dr Marta Guerriero

Dr Marta Guerriero

Contact details

Email: M dot Guerriero at warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel.: +44(0) 24765 24770
Room: R3.36, Ramphal Building

Advice and Feedback Hours (Term 3):

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Associate Professor in Global Sustainable Development

Head of Global Sustainable Development
Deputy Chair of Arts Faculty for Education


Marta joined the Global Sustainable Development team at the University of Warwick in September 2016. Prior to that, she worked at the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham and at the Institute for Development Policy and Management (now Global Development Institute) at the University of Manchester.

She is an interdisciplinary researcher and educator, working at the intersection between applied economics, labour and development studies, political economy, and socio-environmental policy.

In addition to her academic experience, she has several years’ experience in development and environmental consultancy and has worked with various private sector organisations, government and international bodies, both in the UK and abroad.


Marta is an applied economist with interdisciplinary interests. She is primarily interested in issues of socio-economic justice, governance and policy evaluation. She is also interested in transdisciplinary pedagogies and education for sustainable development.

Marta holds a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester (December 2013). Her PhD research contributed to the understanding of the causes of income inequality and is particularly relevant for countries who wish to devise adequate pro-poor policies and address concerns of social justice. Her research has received attention from various international organisations, such as the International Labour Organization, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Marta was one of the thematic leads of Warwick's Sustainable Cities GRP. In 2024, she was nominated for the Warwick Research Celebration Awards.


This year, Marta is module convenor for:

She also contributes specific sessions on other modules, including:

During her academic career, Marta has gained a range of teaching experience. She has taught many topics relevant to sustainable development, including poverty traps and poverty alleviation, rural development, environmental wealth, governance and institutional economics, as well as statistical techniques of policy impact evaluation.

In 2017, she was nominated and longlisted for the University Awards in the category of Student Experience.

In 2021, she was nominated for both the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence and the Warwick Awards for Personal Tutoring Excellence.


PhD students currently supervised


Marta is currently Head of the Global Sustainable Development Division and Deputy Chair of the Arts Faculty for Education.

Prior to these administrative roles, she was Director of Education in the School for Cross-faculty Studies (2021/2022), Deputy Head of School (Global Sustainable Development, 2018-2021), Deputy Chair of the Arts Faculty Education Committee (2023/2024), Study Abroad and International Partnerships Coordinator (2021-2024) and Widening Participation Lead, Global Sustainable Development (2017-2021).


Refereed journals and book chapters

  • GUERRIERO, M. (2019). The Labor Share of Income around the World: Evidence from a Panel Dataset. Chapter 3 in Fields, G. & Paul, S. (eds.) Labor Income Share in Asia: Conceptual Issues and the Drivers, Springer Singapore, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Series on Development Economics. DOI:
  • GUERRIERO, M. (2019). Democracy and the Labor Share of Income: A Cross-Country Analysis. Chapter 6 in Fields, G. & Paul, S. (eds.) Labor Income Share in Asia: Conceptual Issues and the Drivers, Springer Singapore, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Series on Development Economics. DOI:
  • ABEKAH-NKRUMAH, G., GUERRIERO, M. & PUROHIT, P. (2014). ICTs and Maternal Healthcare Utilization. Evidence from Ghana. International Journal of Social Economics, 41(7): 518-541. DOI:

Policy reports

Working papers

GUERRIERO, M. & SEN, K. (2012). What Determines the Share of Labour in National Income? A Cross-Country Analysis. IZA Discussion Paper No. 6643, June 2012.