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Key Undergraduate Contacts

Photo taken on campus, on Library Road. It's autumn and the leaves are on the floor. Students are walking down the road.
In the Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Department, you will be supported by a number of staff members at different stages of your study. On this page, you will find a list of some key contacts in the department related to undergraduate studies. Please find below information about their roles, their email addresses, and links to their profile pages. If you are unsure who to contact, you may want to email Dr Gioia Panzarella (our Director of Student Experience for undergraduate students).
Please be reminded that each GSD student is allocated a personal tutor. They are a staff member in the department and you're welcome to discuss any aspect of your university experience with them - either academic or pastoral. Please do make use of such meetings as they'll be useful for both your academic progression and future plans. Existing students can find more information about the Personal tutor role in the Undergraduate Handbook. You may find out who your personal tutor is on your Tabula profile, under 'Personal tutor'. There will be some scheduled meetings with them throughout the year, but if you need to contact them you may find their contact details on their personal pageLink opens in a new window.

Key undergraduate contacts

GSD Undergraduate Office

UGGSD at warwick dot ac dot uk

  • Current students may contact Mike Hart and Sheree Thompson via the email above for issues related to timetabling (for example, clashes), assessment submissions, and other administrative questions.
  • The GSD Office is located in room R3.38 in the Ramphal Building. The Office is open for in-person office hours during term time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10 am - 12 pm and 2-4 pm; Wednesday 2-4 pm.
Gioia Panzarella
Dr Gioia Panzarella

Gioia dot Panzarella at warwick dot ac dot uk

Romain Chenet
Dr Romain Chenet

Romain dot Chenet at warwick dot ac dot uk

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: overseeing course regulatory adherence (module approval, student monitoring, etc.), and immigration compliance. Contact for course changes or transfers.
  • Director of Admissions: managing GSD admissions strategy, application review, and outreach (open days, etc.).
  • Safeguarding Lead: contactable for queries or concerns pertaining to students aged under 18 years.
Chris Dolan
Professor Chris Dolan

Chris dot Dolan at warwick dot ac dot uk

Marta Guerriero
Dr Marta Guerriero

M dot Guerriero at warwick dot ac dot uk

Bodrun Nahar
Bodrun Nahar

Bodrun dot Nahar at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Liz Chant

Elizabeth dot Chant at warwick dot ac dot uk