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Congratulations to the new Fellows of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy from GSD

Congratulations to Dr Jess Savage, Senior Teaching Fellow in GSD, and Pula Prakash, final-year single honours GSD student, who have recently been selected as Fellows of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA)!

What is WIHEA?

WIHEA is the UK's first institutional academy of educators for staff and students engaged in the advancement of learning and teaching excellence.

The WIHEA community is made up of fellows and members. Students, academic staff and professional service staff can becomes members of WIHEA and benefit from the many activities, events and networks the Academy offers, on the basis of a proven record of achievement in teaching and learning.

What is a WIHEA Fellowship?

A WIHEA Fellowship recognises and rewards outstanding achievements in teaching and learning and is an exceptional opportunity to engage with colleagues across the University, improve the student experience and make a genuine difference to Warwick through research, debate and policy formation. Members each have a demonstrable commitment to teaching and learning and collectively represent the global and interdisciplinary staff and student body at Warwick.

By becoming a Fellow, staff and students can take part in exchanges, projects, learning circles, proposing teaching and learning policy or develop new academic practice that enhance the student experience and student outcomes.

Dr Jessica Savage

Dr Jess Savage

Senior Teaching Fellow in GSD

Dr Jessica Savage

Pula Prakash

Single honours GSD student