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Funding hat-trick for GSD-led research on land use, conservation, and indigenous livelihoods

Thai site leader Ajarn Prasit Leepreecha chairs a discussion to elicit narratives of livelihood change in a Pgaz K’ Nyau community in Chiang Mai province, Thailand

Image credit: Marco J Haenssgen

    A new stream of grant awards is supporting Dr Marco J Haenssgen, Assistant Professor in GSD, and his collaborators from the GSD Department, Warwick Business School, Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Monash University Indonesia, and the Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar). The three awards have a combined total of more than £84,000 and include:

    • The Warwick Policy Support Fund (£49,345) supports stakeholder engagement of ongoing research in Thailand with the aim to develop a knowledge hub for forest conservation and land use policy, advocacy, and research. Among others, the project activities involve documentary and online production together with regional stakeholder engagement across Southeast Asia. The project team includes Dr Marco J Haenssgen; Romain Chenet, Senior Teaching Fellow in GSD; and colleagues from Chiang Mai University.
    • The ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (£4,981, ref. ES/T502054/1) supports the engagement work through creative production and storytelling that will feed into Thai stakeholder consultations, local exhibitions, and the online repository showcasing the team’s research activities.
    • A Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers Seed Grant (£29,865, ref. FS-2122-16-105) helps deepen and broaden the research of the team as they systematically develop more inclusive satellite-based remote sensing measures to make assessments of conservation policy more reflective of indigenous people’s realities and struggles. Case study research, stakeholder engagement, and behavioural policy design will take place in Thailand, Madagascar, and Indonesia.