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Global Sustainable Development in Practice

Students walking around campus

Building the bridge between theory and practice is at the heart of sustainable development and with GSD your learning will go far beyond the classroom. Our pedagogical vision encourages practical action as a core component of your educational experience and our courses implement a hands-on, collaborative approach wherever possible. Warwick is also home to a number of active student-led initiatives and societies which promote the cause of sustainable development. And what's more, our Department has supported a number of GSD students with independent research projects focusing on issues related to sustainability. We maintain that practical learning is key to the praxis of sustainable development, and you can find out more below.


Biodiversity and Ecology

First-year optional module

In our first-year optional module 'Biodiversity and Ecology', Dr Jess Savage will guide you through a diverse array of weekly ecological practicals across Warwick's campus, including surveying mammal populations in woodland areas and exploring Tocil Wood while completing a river macroinvertebrate survey.

Dr Jess Savage teaching a group of GD109 students in Tocil WoodsGD109 Students in the water in Tocil WoodsGD109 students in the water in Tocil WoodsDr Jess Savage teaching GD109 students in Tocil Woods

GD109 students and Dr Jess Savage setting up a camera to capture wildlife on campusGD109 Students surveying mammal populations in woodland areas on campusGD109 students surveying mammal populations in woodland areas on campusGD109 students surveying mammal populations in woodland areas on campus

GD109 studentsGD109 StudentsDr Jess SavageQuadrant

Warwick campus autumnGD109 studentswarwick campus autumnGD109 students

Security, Sovereignty and Sustainability in the Global Food System

Second-year optional core module

In 2018, our students visited Feldon Forest Farm, a leading local organic farm which has won several awards commending its sustainability practices.

Farmer with studentsgreenhousesorchardGSD students

cowview over farmfarmer with cowstudents talk over lunch

The Energy Trilemma

Honours level optional module

Discover how Warwick is innovating to create a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

GD311 Students in the rainCryfield Energy CentreDavid Chapman with studentsStudents in cryfield energy centre