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Strategic Objectives

Our Vision: The IGSD was launched in 2019 to be at the forefront of knowledge creation that enables transformation towards a more sustainable, prosperous, healthier and just world for all. In 2022, under the new Director, Professor Elena Korosteleva, the IGSD set to become the gateway to research on global sustainable development at Warwick, working with all faculties and cognisant centres and institutes. To support this, IGSD will grow its own cutting-edge and impactful research, and also contribute to shaping the research pillar of the University Sustainability and Research Strategies.

Our Goals

  • Launch and contribute to the implementation of Warwick's Sustainability and Research Strategies
  • Visualise and develop research networks on sustainable development across and beyond Warwick
  • Launch and grow an ECR Sustainability Training School (ECR STS) at Warwick and its strategic partners
  • Launch and grow an Annual Sustainability Conference (ASC) for scholarly exchange on global sustainable development
  • Develop large-scale funding bids, leveraging Warwick’s diverse range of sustainable development scholars
  • Grow policy impact on sustainable development, locally and internationally.
Visualisation Project

This IGSD-hosted pilot project aims to support Warwick’s Sustainable Development Goals research and cross-disciplinary collaboration using visualisation approaches. A visualisation dashboard will be developed based on the University’s academic publication data, project data, and staff research profiles in relation to SDGs.

Early Career Researchers' Sustainability Training School

Our first Early Career Researcher (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS), organised by the IGSD in partnership with the EUTOPIALink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window consortium, was held on 5-9 June 2023 at the University of Warwick. Its main objective was to offer an opportunity for further skills development and exchange of ideas for PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers working on the issues of sustainable development and resilience across the globe.

Annual Sustainability Conference

IGSD will host a research conference exploring key research themes. This is the perfect opportunity for those interested to meet up with stakeholders involved in programmes, research centres and institutes across Warwick that all play an important role in driving forward the sustainability research agenda.

More details TBA. Please fill this form to register your interest.

Building Transdisciplinary Networks at Warwick

We believe our themes will help us connect with related research across the university, to form a transdisciplinary research culture and to seek solutions to the existing and future challenges of a planetary scale. To this end, have created and enabled Thematic Networks (TNs) through our newly appointed IGSD Thematic Fellows to discuss and critique existing knowledge, bid for large-scale funding opportunities, train the next-generation of sustainability researchers (ECR STS – Sustainability Training SchoolLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window), and shape transdisciplinary research culture by launching ASC – Annual Sustainability Conference - and engaging with existing forums (GSD Congress, SDSN, NCSR, ACU and other networks).