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Iva Merhei-Eyre

Iva Merheim-Eyre is an EU Liaisons Officer at the International Republican Institute (IRI) and a Research Fellow of the Association for Foreign Affairs (AMO). Her professional focus is in the field of democracy support, civil society resilience and sustainable development challenges. Her work is largely geographically focused on countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

For the past 4 years Iva manages international research projects under the Beacon Project, IRI’s flagship initiative in building resilience of European societies against Russian political influence operations and foreign & domestic disinformation campaigns. Before joining IRI she undertook missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina with UNDP and People in Need. For the past 5 years she works alongside sustainable energy professionals on projects fighting energy poverty in CEE communities. She graduated in Law and Legal Science at the Charles University, Faculty of Law, and Political Science with specialisation in Democratisation and Human Rights at the Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies. She successfully completed several traineeships, including, at the European Commission and the Czech Representation to the United Nations in Geneva.