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Research funding success for School for Cross-faculty Studies students

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Congratulations to our students for securing funding for research projects over the summer!

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) enables undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research public engagement project. The scheme is open to any undergraduate student at Warwick and research can be completed in the UK or abroad.

This year, five students from the Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Department and one student from the Liberal Arts Department have successfully secured a URSS bursary. Their work will be recognised at the URSS Showcase 2022 on Wednesday 16 November between 1-4 pm in the Panorama room in the Rootes Building - all are welcome to attend!

Find out about our students' summer research projects:

‘Staying Afloat Amidst the Depths of Ecological Inequalities: How can Jakarta’s land subsidence problem be addressed equitably across socioeconomic classes?’

"In this study, we aim to assess existing policies and identify potential improvements for Jakarta's land subsidence issue, which has been determined as the main cause of the city's rapid sinking. In the search for an equitable solution, the project follows participatory research involving communities from different socioeconomic backgrounds."

‘Public Views on Climate Justice Issues in the Maldives’

"I will be trying to understand people's views on climate justice in the Maldives. Small islands did very little to contribute to the problem of climate change, but due to rising sea levels their homelands may be lost and they'll be forced to relocate. How do people feel about this situation?"

Hear more from Isaac about his research project plans.

‘The Historical and Political Insurgence Behind Barbados's Republicanism’

"My project is about investigating the historical and political reasons behind Barbados's decision to become a republic. Once a former colony, I will be asking people how they felt about this shift, what do they think will change, and most importantly what they hope to see change in the political landscape of the nation."

'When in the blaze, build windmills' - Headteacher Practice, the Role of Pragmatism, and the Issue of System Change in UK Education'

"I am researching the discourses, imaginaries and practices headteachers draw upon to define their role as educational leaders. Through fieldwork and interviews, I explore the role the concept of 'pragmatism' plays in the decision-making process of headteachers vis-à-vis policy and education system, to understand where they position themselves and their school communities in the question of 'system change'.

I am looking for schools to collaborate on this project starting in September 2022. Please reach out if you are interested to explore links."

‘Challenges and Opportunities for Small Organic Farming in Uttarakhand, India’

"Through this research project, I am trying to understand the economic viability of organic farming as opposed to conventional farming, in Uttarakhand, India. I am also trying to explore why some farming techniques are more economically resilient than others. I am working with a renowned organisation called Navdanya, which is helping me facilitate my farmer interviews."

Previous URSS projects

    Take a look at some of the previous URSS research projects led by students from the School for Cross-faculty Studies:

    Above: Priscilla Tay (Economic Studies and GSD) presenting research on 'Sustainable Finance in Singapore' at the URSS Showcase 2019.

    Above: Louisa Martin (Life Sciences and GSD) presenting research on 'Novel Method to Quantify Microplastics in River Sediment' at the URSS Showcase 2019.