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11th November 2021


It's week 6 already! Last week we held our inaugural Arts TEAL Working Group meeting. The next meeting will be Wednesday 16th February (reading week), 12-1pm in Teams.

We had all of the service providers represented, and 25 members of the Faculty. We used the meeting to introduce the TEAL WG process, including the Problems and Emerging Requirements padlets (sign in using your Warwick Microsoft account, e.g. We will use these padlets to record feedback from Faculty members, to review, plan action, and track progress - more on this below.

We are also getting ready for the move into the new building. Follow @ArtsWarwickTEAL on Twitter for photos, videos, 360 walkthroughs, and articles exploring the new spaces and how we can use them. The hashtag for this is #UnboxingTheFAB.


A new Arts TEAL design guide to hybrid teaching is now available, created in response to many requests from across the Faculty. Explore more guides on the Arts TEAL web site.

We have a new project: FAB Pedagogies, aiming to build a taxonomy of teaching methods, connecting spaces, technologies, learning design and curriculum. This will include an interactive map of the FAB building, with details about each teaching space, images, videos, articles etc. Contact Robert O'Toole for more information.

The University's annual TEALFest conference will take place in week 10 of the Spring Term. We are designing a strand to showcase the use of technology in the Arts Faculty. This will include a keynote lecture, screenings of student work, a panel discussion with students, and sessions in the FAB. If you would like to present, contact Robert O'Toole.

The next round of the Postgraduate Award for Technology Enhanced Learning will start soon. This is a great course, supported by Jess Humphreys of the Academic Development team, and lots of colleagues from across the University. It can lead to Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Apply now.


Share your problems with technology in teaching through the Problems Padlet. Post them into the Identified column, and we will get the relevant people to investigate. Currently on the padlet and being investigated:

  • Difficulties setting up complicated programmes and pathways in Moodle and Teams.
  • Poor availability of facilities for IT based workshops.

Emerging Requirements

Tell us about things you would like to do with technology, but currently can't find a way using Warwick tools, post in the Suggested column of the Emerging Requirements padlet. Currently on the padlet (vote on items):

  • Suggested:
    • Better facilities for producing audio, video and multimedia;
    • Wordpress service for student projects;
    • Platform for a Virtual Museum;
    • Guidance needed for designing more engaging small group sessions;
  • Consulting and reviewing:
    • Hybrid teaching in the FAB (not currently equipped with this tech, should it be?);
    • Live streaming student performances to the public (Classics are keen on this);
    • GoReact subscription (a platform for feedback on student presentations and videos, many applications in the Arts).


DAL Showcase
We had 35 student entries for the Digital Arts Lab annual showcase competition. Each student entered an example of a digital assessment, with a reflective account of what they did and what they learned. The standard of entries was high. Overall winners were Raffaella Culora from History and Lonnie Yang from ECLS. See all the winners and entries on the DAL Showcase web site. Please add an announcement about the 2022 showcase to your Moodle spaces, and consider how your students could create digital artefacts for their assessed work.

Padlet timelines
Professor Sarah Richardson (History) has created a brilliant interactive timeline of British Women and the Politics of Italian Unification, using our Padlet service (we have a subscription for all University members). Padlet includes a template for creating timelines. Find out more about Padlet using this guide from Academic Technology.

Discussion: teaching and technology training opportunities, are they right for you?

There are a lot of CPD opportunities available at Warwick, but we're not sure they are of the right format, with the right focus, and easily accessible to staff. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the Teams space.

  • What's the best kind of technology and teaching skills training for you?
  • Do you prefer short fast on-campus sessions, or in Teams?
  • Half to whole day training courses?
  • Online bit-size self study materials?
  • Longer, multi-session, online self-study courses?
  • Web sites full of useful material that you can dip into as needed?
  • Training that is focussed on teaching first, technology second?
  • And when is the best time for you?