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Trans & Queer Pedagogies Learning Circle

The Trans & Queer Pedagogy Learning Circle focuses on gender-diverse and trans-inclusive teaching and queer pedagogy in particular.

This Circle is led by Luke Hodson and Sam Parr, and is open to all members of staff and students at Warwick.

The group engages in discussion, explores existing literature and practice, and shares teaching and learning practices, as well as exploring the LGBTQUIA+ student learning experience.

Outcomes from the Circle include a greater awareness of the LGBTQUIA+ student experience, the concept and practice of queer pedagogy, and the provision of guidance through case study, workshops, masterclasses and other events, as well as collaboration between peers.

It is intended that the Learning Circle will ultimately become a network of queer pedagogy practitioners, allowing peer review and collaborative development and research.

Staff and students with an interest are invited to: