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Challenging Incorrect Pronouns & Misgendering workshop

Would you like to improve your knowledge, skills, and confidence to challenge incorrect pronouns and misgendering?

This workshop will explore scenarios relating to the improper use of pronouns and gendered language, in the context of trans-inclusive language practices.

We will introduce effective strategies for challenging misgendering, as well as proactive steps for participants to implement trans-inclusive language practices in their spaces.

There will be opportunity for questions towards the end of the workshop, as well as contact details shared to facilitate future support.

The workshop will take place on Monday 12th February, 11:30am-12:30pm, via Teams.

Register here to receive joining instructions.

The workshop is open to all members of our University community, staff and students alike.

Take the Pronouns Pledge

We've created the Pronouns Pledge to make it as simple as possible to engage with inclusive best practice on pronouns, and to build a movement of people taking these steps together.