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Queering University Opportunities

Become a departmental contact

We are growing a network of departmental contacts to improve access to the programme across the University.

Departmental contacts act as an initial point of contact for the programme within their department, supporting others who wish to engage with the Queering University programme and ensuring that those in their department are aware of key programme updates and opportunities.

Any member of the University community can become a departmental contact. Those with an interest are encouraged to submit their details here.

Organise, host, or speak at an event

We organise an ongoing programme of activities to engage members of the University community with the Queering University programme, its purpose and key themes, and create spaces to explore them together.

Current events can be found on the programme's calendar and suggestions for future events are encouraged, particularly if you would be interested to organise, host, or speak at the event.

Create or request a new resource

We are working to identify and review existing guidance, resources and support available. Through this work we also identify gaps in current provision, and encourage any suggestions for additional/improved guidance, resources and support.

We work with members of the University community to create and update guidance and resources and improve support available.

Join the Queer & Trans Pedagogies Learning Circle

The learning circle focuses on gender-diverse and trans-inclusive teaching and queer pedagogy in particular. The group engages in discussion, explores existing literature and practice, and shares teaching and learning practices, as well as exploring the trans student learning experience.

Outcomes from the learning circle include a greater awareness of the trans student experience, the concept and practice of queer pedagogy, and the provision of guidance through case study, workshops, masterclasses and other events, as well as collaboration between peers.

Contribute a video clip

Some of our planned resources will be in a video format, and we are keen to hear from anyone who would be comfortable contributing a short video clip to one or more resources. A script can be provided, though there is also scope to write your own, for example about inclusive practice you have developed or use.

Please email if you are interested in this opportunity.

Contribute to the programme in another way

There are many other opportunities to contribute to the Queering University programme, including:

  • Writing or contributing to guidance/resources,
  • Analysing data and sources of insight,
  • Supporting peers to engage with the programme,
  • Contributing a case study,
  • Collaborating on research with other contributors,
  • Supporting with funding applications,
  • Reviewing policies, processes or practices.

Express an interest online, or email .