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Pride Month

This Pride Month why not...?

Add your pronouns to your Microsoft Profile

New functionality means you can now add your pronouns to your Microsoft Profile, and check other people's pronouns (such as when you're composing an email to them in Outlook) on their profile.

Explore the Queering University resources

The Queering University library of resources offers guidance and support on LGBTQUIA+ inclusive practices across a wide range of topics.

Sign the Pronouns Pledge

We've created the Pronouns Pledge to make it as simple as possible to engage with inclusive best practice on pronouns, and to build a movement of people taking these steps together.

Relevant events to check out this month

Supporting LGBTQUIA+ personal tutees

Online session

Wednesday 7th June, 1pm

The Dean of Students' Office is running a series of online training sessions to support personal tutors in their roles.

This particular session will offer guidance for personal tutors on creating LGBTQUIA+ inclusive spaces for personal tutees, including support & signposting on key issues intersecting with LGBTQUIA+ students' experiences.

Trans-Inclusive Teaching


Thursday 15th June, 2-3pm, via Teams

Inform your teaching practice with this webinar on trans-inclusive teaching & learning, focusing on practical applications of the Ward-Gale model of LGBTQ-inclusivity in HE.

Building a Personalised Trans-Inclusion Toolkit

Drop-in workshop

Friday 16th June, drop-in 12-3pm, R0.04

Pop in to customise a selection of resources and opportunities to suit your role, interests, and experience.

Take a tour of the different stations in the room, sticker your card to indicate the trans-inclusion support of interest to you, and a member of the Queering University team will email you with the resulting personalised toolkit!

No registration required

Uncomfortable Positions: discomfort as a tool for understanding socio-political life

Inaugural lecture

Monday 19th June, 5-7pm, FAB0.08

As part of the Department of Sociology’s new Inaugural Lecture Programme, you are warmly invited to join Professor Hannah Jones as she delivers her inaugural lecture.

Uncomfortable positions are dilemmas of sociological analysis in everyday life. These are dilemmas where an individual recognises the conflicts between their power to act and the restrictions they face from living within institutions and society - but tries to act anyway. Read more...

What is Transphobia?

Talk followed by discussion

Tuesday 20th June, 3-4:30pm, via Teams

From the subtle to the overt, transphobia can have a profound impact on trans lives. This talk will cover common and less-common forms of transphobia, enabling us to more consistently recognise transphobic language and behaviours around us.

50 Things You Can Do Too!


Thursday 22nd June, 12-1pm, via Teams

Are you an ally looking for concrete ways to support Warwick's LGBTQUIA+ community? Look no further! LGBTQUIA+ staff & student representatives will be sharing their top suggestions for meaningful actions staff and student allies can take to further LGBTQUIA+ inclusion at Warwick.

Human Library: unjudge someone

Interactive event

Monday 26th June, 1-4pm

The Human Library aims to establish a positive framework and safe space for dialogue between readers and a Human Book. The concept is based on personal conversation rather than a presentation or lecture. It is not just a story, it’s an engagement and interaction, a Q&A from a lived perspective.



Tuesday 27th June, 2-8pm, Piazza

We're inviting students, staff, their families and friends, and our local community to join us in celebration at the culmination of Pride Month.

We'll be bringing the heart of campus alive with music and performances, games, face-painting, a bouncy castle, and above all, unapologetic pride in our community.

The festival after-party will be held in the Copper Rooms on campus. Find out more about the Loud & Proud party here.

No registration required

Challenging Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia as an Active Bystander


Date TBC

Have you ever witnessed something homophobic, biphobic, or transphobic? Did you feel confident enough to respond, or did you struggle to know how to challenge it safely and effectively?

The Community Values Education team are offering this workshop to aid the development of knowledge, skills and confidence challenge homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. You'll learn about safe and effective active bystander intervention strategies, and how to apply them specifically to homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic language and behaviours.

What Are We Doing?

Briefing with refreshments

Thursday 29th June, 12-1pm, venue TBC

Join us for an update on progress made against our LGBTQUIA+ action plan, including our recent wins and priorities for the year ahead. Following the briefing, there will be a chance to talk to representatives from the University's LGBTQUIA+ Taskforce over refreshments.

Other ways to engage