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Professor Kris Ryan

Funded through the Monash Warwick Alliance Visiting Educators Scheme Professor Kris Ryan, Academic Director of Monash Education Innovation, visited Warwick on 24 - 25 June 2019, hosted by Dr Jonathon Heron, Director and Associate Professor at the Institute or Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL).

Professor Kris Ryan has taught large classes, typically in excess of 300 students, for over a decade. He is known for his animated and highly interactive approach, combined with his use of technology to reach large audiences. He has led course reviews, introduced contemporary teaching approaches, laboratories and novel teaching facilities.

During Kris's time at Warwick he lead a WIHEA Masterclass titled Space to Learn: Design principles and Impact analysis of the Monash University Learning and Teaching Building. In addition to attending several IATL meetings, he also addressed members of the Educational Spaces working group.

Professor Kris Ryan

Academic Director
Monash Education Innovation
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia