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Resonate Festival Sanctuary Month

June 2021

Sanctuary month of the Resonate Festival involved various events curated by BREM network, ranging from theatre performance to legal training to roundtable discussions. Our priority has been to work with local partners while ensuring that people with lived experiences of sanctuary play an active role in the programme of events. You can find out more about some of the activities by viewing our virtual galleries here and here.

Routes to Peace? Artwork


Located in the atrium of the Social Sciences building and next to the Warwick Art Centre, “Routes to Peace?" is artwork inspired by research conducted at the University of Warwick.

The Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat project led by Professor Vicki Squire of the University of Warwick’s Department of Politics and International Studies has inspired a new artwork by international artist and activist Salma Zulfiqar.

Professor Squire and her team collected the stories of people from the Middle East and Africa making the dangerous journey to safety in Europe through in-depth interviews. The research team wanted to challenge the assumptions that are often made about people migrating, and give those arriving in Europe the opportunity to tell their own stories in order to highlight the effects of EU migration policies on the journeys, experiences, understandings, expectations, concerns and demands of people on the move.

Salma Zulfiqar has chosen ten of those stories to highlight in Routes to Peace? The artwork represents each woman as a “peace dove” carrying her story with her.


Faculty of Social Science

Please see our "Archive of events" page to read more about our past activities.