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Jack Wilson (PhD Student)

Jack Wilson

Supervisors: Dr Michael Dieter and Dr Matt Spencer.

Research Topic

My research is concerned with practices of network mapping as a form of knowledge production in conspiracy theorist milieus.


Broadly speaking, I am interested the media practices, cultural production, and politics of digital subcultures. I have followed these overlapping concerns in my MA dissertation – written at CIM – on the topic of sadness, synthetic intimacies, and music (playing from another room); in my work on the study of far-right online political subcultures with the Amsterdam-based research collective OILab; and – naturally – onward into my current postgraduate research.


[Book chapter] Wilson, J. ‘(playing from another room).’ In Lovink and Treske (Eds). Video Vortex Reader III. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2020.

[Public report] Hagen, S., Wilson, J., & Tuters, M. (2020). Reactionary Wokeness: How Redpilling Became a Thing on Reddit. OILab.

[Other] Wilson, J. &. Burton, B. Zygotian Solipsism: An Epistemic-Ontological Limit Case and Those Who Want to Live It. Raleigh, USA: Non-Press, 2019.

[Public report] Hagen, S., Burton, A., Wilson, J., & Tuters, M. (2019). Infinity’s Abyss: An Overview of 8chan. OILab.

[Public report] de Keulenaar, E., Hagen, S., Jokubauskaite, E., Tuters, M., & Wilson, J. (2019). 4chan’s YouTube: A Fringe Perspective on YouTube’s Great Purge of 2019.. OILab.


Chancellor’s International Scholarship 20/21, the University of Warwick. Fee waiver and stipend.


Hagen, S., Tuters, M., Peeters, S., De Keulenaar, E., Wilson, J., & Willaert, T. (2020). Transcoding Between Hyper-Antagonistic Milieus: Studies on the Cross-Platform Relations Between Radical Political Web Subcultures. #AoIR2020 Life (online).

Wilson, J. (2019). (playing from another room). Video Vortex XII, Malta.



Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL