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Jack Wilson (PhD Student)

Jack Wilson

Supervisors: Dr Michael Dieter and Dr Matt Spencer.

Research Topic

Following repeated assertions by QAnon promoters that to understand the phenomenon one must ‘do your own research’ this my research seeks to unpack how ‘research’ is understood within QAnon. In particular, how this conception is operationalised and made possible by way of the production and use of particular 'research' infrastructures and tools.


I hold an MA (with Distinction) in Digital Media and Culture from CIM. Before this, I completed a BA in Digital Cultures and Australian literature at the University of Sydney. Beyond my work on the topic of QAnon specifically, I maintain an active research interest in the broader areas of far-right conspiracy theories, extremism, and terror across the Anglosphere. I have reviewed papers on these matters for the Journal for the Academic Study of Religion, Critical Studies in Media Communication, as well as New Media & Society.

Outside these topics, my extracurricular research is largely oriented around questions of memory, temporality, and technological form. Namely, how these are articulated in the cultural production of extremely online individuals and subcultures. Examples of my work in this domain can be found across my work for the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, where I am also a senior researcher.

I also produce music as ‘West Mids’ in addition to an assortment of other aliases, as well as being the founder of the record label DOOMSCROLL.


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Chancellor’s International Scholarship, the University of Warwick (2020-2024). Fee waiver and stipend.


Wilson, J. (2023). 'Do Your Own Research': QAnon's Agnotology. ESRC MGS DTP 2023: Doing Research Differently, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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Hagen, S., Tuters, M., Peeters, S., De Keulenaar, E., Wilson, J., & Willaert, T. (2020). Transcoding Between Hyper-Antagonistic Milieus: Studies on the Cross-Platform Relations Between Radical Political Web Subcultures. #AoIR2020 Life (online).

Wilson, J. (2019). (playing from another room). Video Vortex XII, Valletta, Malta.


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Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick
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