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Seminar 8: Complex cases

Seminar 8. Complex Cases

Date: Friday 4 November 2016

This is the eighth of nine 1-day seminars in this ESRC Seminar Series. Like all the others, this seminar will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines. This time, though, we will be focusing specifically on the problem of the case. For example:

  • What kinds of methodological challenges are raised when empirically studying cases as complex systems?
  • How does a focus on the case impact on qualitative and quantitative approaches?
  • What news kinds of methods might be used to further explore complex systems as cases and, vice versa, cases as complex systems?

Confirmed speakers and presentations include:

  • Professor David Byrne: What is a Case? A complexity take on answering that question
  • Dr Rajeev Rajaram and Professor Brian Castellani: Case-Based Entropy
  • Kara Danks: The Case of the Prison Health Models
  • Dr Wendy Dyer: A Thousand Cases

Full agenda here. The event is free but you must REGISTER to attend.