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Exchanges Ambassadors

Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research journal was founded as an output from the IAS’ ECF scheme, and a continued close involvement by fellows has always been desirable. Exchanges publishes a range of article formats, including original research but also critical reviews and interviews with noted disciplinary scholars and practitioners[i]. While increasingly recognised internationally, Exchanges, along with the IAS and Warwick, have been enriched by a continued strong representation of original ECF work within the title. To continue this representational heritage, 2 ECF cohort members are sought to participate in the Exchanges Ambassadorial programme.


ECF Exchanges Ambassadors enable an invaluable conduit between fellow cohort members along with the wider Warwick research community. Because they are embedded within the Accolade training programme and related early career researcher activities, ECFs are ideally positioned to recognise where fellow scholars’ work, events or activities would be suited to publication within Exchanges. Hence, their core role is to identify publication leads from among their fellow researchers[ii] suitable for conversion into Exchanges submissions, and to bring them to the Editor’s attention. Furthermore, as opportunities arise, Ambassadors also act as key promotional conduits for the journal throughout Warwick’s researcher community.


Beyond personal satisfaction and professional recognition for their contributions, current and former Ambassadors will be prioritised for recruitment to the Exchanges Editorial Board[iii]. Ambassadors will also benefit from direct, regular engagement with the Exchanges editorial team, gaining a deeper understanding of the practicalities of scholarly publishing. Where any Exchanges editorial training or symposiums are held, Ambassadors will be invited to attend and participate. As these roles are relatively new ones, Ambassadors will also have the exciting opportunity to help shape the future programme. A small research fund stipend is also made available to participants.

Anticipated Workload

The role of Exchanges Ambassador is relatively informal, normally making minimal additional demands on their time, although some role holders may dedicate more time to it as desired. The key tasks they are expected to complete are:


  • Communication: Ensure regular communication with the Editor by providing a brief biweekly update of any identified leads, suggestions or proposals for articles[iv]. The Editor will then follow up these suggestions by directly approaching the suggested author candidates.
  • Promotion: Provide an Exchanges brand ambassador role within the IAS along with their own department or school. Where Ambassadors identify groups or individuals who wish to be briefed further about the journal, they only need provide an introduction to the Editor, who will take on any direct liaison.

The Editor will be available for consultation to provide advice, support and guidance for this role, along with providing access to any promotional materials that may be required.

Personal Skills

Beyond membership in the IAS’ ECF scheme, A broad interest in scholar-led academic publication and strong communication skills are essential for this role. Exchanges Ambassadors will serve within this role for the duration of their fellowship. Ambassadors may step down earlier by prior agreement with the Editor.

Next Steps

For more information or to indicate your interest in this role, please contact the Managing Editor-in-Chief, Dr Gaz J Johnson ( For more information on Exchanges, visit: In the event interest in these roles exceeds the number of positions, an informal shortlisting process will be conducted.

[i] See for details:

[ii] Including within their own work, both individual or collaborative

[iii] As vacancies arise, and subject to availability and wiliness to participate.

[iv] That is every two weeks during term time. During vacation periods less regular communication would be expected.