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Current Fellow Information

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Academic Term Dates

Dates of Term - Study Homepage

Academic Weeks

Academic Weeks - Central Timetabling Office

Accommodation - Staff & Family

Warwick Accommodation provide a range of family housing with University owned accommodation on main campus as well as helping new staff members and visiting academics find accommodation in the nearby area.

Activity Support Form

Please complete this form to request financial support and approval for fellowship activities

Affiliate Card

FAO Early Career Fellows: Once your PhD is complete and conferred, your student card will expire shortly afterwards. The IAS can liaise with HR to give you a new affiliate-staff account and card. The new card will allow you to maintain access to IT systems, the Library, etc. Please complete the Applying for an Affiliate Card form to request a new card. For information on email expiry see 'IT Services - Email Expiry'.



Banking - Opening a UK bank account

Information on opening a bank account. Please note that the same process for opening a bank account applies to students and employees who are moving from overseas. The IAS can also provide a letter (if required by the bank) confirming your fellowship details; i.e. start & end date, address etc. Please email 

Branding - Warwick Branded Materials
For all Warwick branding guidance and templates for presentations and events.


Career Support Scheme

Information on how to apply for support which might help you to mitigate the effects of additional Covid-19 related caring responsibilities or other circumstances that have limited productivity and/or that may have caused longer term career harm.

College of Reviewers

To sign up to join the IAS College of Reviewers, please email

Council Tax

FAO Early Career Fellows: you do not have student status through the IAS Early Career Fellowship scheme. Once your certificate of student status has expired (when your PhD award has been conferred) you will be eligible to pay council tax.



Doctorate Extension Scheme (Tier 4)

FAO ECFs (Tier 4): Information on the Doctorate Extension Scheme, aimed at Tier 4 students who are about to be awarded their UK PhD at a UK institution.



Exchanges Ambassadors

Information on how to become an Exchanges Ambassador.



Facilities at IAS
  • To use the IAS facilities:
  • C0.03, stocked kitchen and common room - please email with your university card number to be given access;
  • D0.01, hot desking space with printing facilities - please email asking for the door code;
  • C0.08, meeting room - please complete the booking form;
  • IAS Seminar Room - please complete the booking form
Filming Equipment Request Form

Borrow a range of filming equipment from the IAS

Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations for the University of Warwick. To request fellowship funds to support an activity, please see 'Activity Support Form'.



Graduate Route Work Visa

The Graduate Route visa was launched on 01 July 2021.



IAS Awards

To apply for an IAS award, please read through the guidance and complete the application form;

IAS Salons

To propose a research salon, please read through the guidance and complete the application form.

Immigration (International)

Information and advice on visas and relocation to the UK

IT Services - Data Storage

IT Services allocate storage space to everyone with an IT account. You can access this from anywhere online, and request more if you need it.

IT Services - Email Address

How to access Warwick email

IT Services - Email Expiry - Staff Leavers

Information on expiry of IT account for staff leaving the university. If you are an ECF whose account has expired, please complete the Applying for Affiliate Card form. See 'Affiliate Card'.

IT Services - Email Expiry - Student Leavers

Information on expiry of student IT account following completion of study. If you are an ECF whose account has expired, please complete the Applying for Affiliate Card form. See 'Affiliate Card'.

IT Services - Helpdesk

You can contact the IT Services Help Desk Team online, via email or by phone.

IT Services - IT Equipment

IT Services provide and maintain a range of IT-related equipment including computers, printers and phones.



National Insurance

Information on how to apply for a National Insurance number (NINO) on webpages.



Space Bookings

See also 'Facilities at IAS'




It is the responsibility of fellows to ensure that they hold the correct visa and that it covers them for the duration of their fellowship. We advise any fellows who are unsure of their visa requirements to seek guidance from the International Office. See 'Immigration'. ECFs, see also 'Graduate Route Work Visa' and 'Visas Portal'.

Visas Portal

Find out more about different types of visas.