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Student as Producer (Research) projects funded

Each grant is for a research project of a student's own devising, unrelated to anything they are required to do as part of a course; it must not involve any work which will later be submitted for assessment. Available to undergraduate students and taught Masters students only, with a maximum award of £1000 per project. [Find out more]
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Small Grants Fund research projects funded by The Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research

Name Department Project title Start date
Puente-Gamero, Pablo Classics and Ancent History Commentary on Achilleid Book Two through the lens of the Homeric tradition 09/01/2017
Abbadi, Maria School of Life Sciences Characterisation of a novel protein linked to immune responses and cancer 25/08/2016
Akinroyeje, Ife History Department To what extent can Hong Kong be considered the epitome of globalisation? - An African perspective 05/05/2016
Heathcote, Matthew History Department Kultur ohne Grenzen: Walhalla and Cultural Identity in Nineteenth Century Germany 11/04/2016
Strike, Elspeth English and Comparative Literary Studies Pain and the Skin-ego 29/06/2015
Brandim-Howson, Joseph Politics and International Studies Organic Living Spaces in North Eastern Brazil 08/06/2015
Kafka, George Comparative American Studies, History, Literature and Culture of the Americas Constructing Latin America 01/06/2015
Sriram, Aiesha Warwick Medical School Provision of healthcare for the homeless in Coventry 11/05/2015
Abdelgadir, Islam Mamoun Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Healthcare systems in European Welfare Regimes: Variance and Priorities 01/05/2015
Greenwood, Sarah School of Law Distorting the "balance"? - Marginalising copyright exceptions through restrictive licensing 15/04/2015
Hubert, Elizabeth History and Politics Alternative Methods of Political Participation in Colombia, South America 01/03/2015
Allen-Pickard, Dorothy School of Modern Languages The Celluloid Ceiling 16/01/2015
Sharples, Annie Classics and Ancient History Re-evaluating the Spartan stereotype: A change in the way we see disability through history 16/01/2015
Lewis, Liam French Studies Chaucer in Iceland: A Study of the Impact of Scandinavian Identity on Contemporary Medieval Studies 13/07/2014
Hunt, Christopher History Department Agents of "Cultural Exchange" between the German and English Reformations 14/07/2014
Feltham, Rachel Philosophy Department The logic behind social media use and its influence on social economic decision making 01/03/2014
Chung, Bonita School of Life Sciences Long eared bat hybridization in the UK 23/06/2014
Hay, Miriam Classics and Ancient History The display of Greek epigraphical texts in Athenian museums 24/03/2013
Bent, Matthew Theatre and Performance Studies Finding a new aesthetic: Shakespearean performance in the UK in the 21st Century 05/03/2012
Jeric, Jure Philosophy Comparative study of students' civic engagement in heterogeneous and homogenous sociocultural environment: case study of Croatian students 01/03/2012
Paul, Christina Warwick Medical School Does the lipid lowering effect of soy foods differ based on equol status? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 01/03/2012
Psomadakis, Cristina Warwick Medical School Non-Profit Medicine and the Language Barrier in Cambodia 29/02/2012
Watts, Evan Warwick Medical School The application on 3D CT to improve outcome following primary and revision anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. 08/02/2012
Ogura, Misa Life Sciences One step further into the mysteries of inheritance: chromosome segregation in yeast 04/07/2011
Quigley-Jones, Jennifer History Encouraging female entrepreneurship: lessons from Colombian women 01/07/2011
Monteiro, Pedro Warwick Business School The translation of best practices: a comparative analysis of two case studies in Italy 15/05/2011
Lau, Jasmin Philosophy Exploring the Aesthetics of Dance 01/05/2011
Pool, Rosalind Warwick Medical School Passing the baton: Handover of patients between health care professionals - post-implementation analysis 01/04/2011
Paul, Christina Warwick Medical School Systematic review of studies comparing 24h vs spot urine collections for estimating population salt intake 07/03/2011
Kenyon, Ryan Engineering evGrandPrix - building links to Purdue University through electric kart racing 01/03/2011
Mason, Luke Robert

Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

Virtual Futures 2.0'11 10/01/2011
Owen, Matthew English and Comparative Literary Studies All the Tired Horses - a modern European novel in three parts - a modern European novel in three parts 15/12/2010