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Project funding and costs - guidance and FAQs

Project Funding & Costs

Guidance & FAQs

Applying for funding

If you are applying for Project Support funding, the application panel will need to see a full breakdown of your costs to enable them to make a decision.

Before you apply

Ensure you apply for costs we can fund - see below - and that your budget covers the following questions:

• What costs and expenses are you applying for funding to cover?
• How have you arrived at these figures? Please provide details including the source(s) of the information
• Why are these costs/expenses important for your project? This is especially important if you apply for something we would not usually fund or for an unusual item. Contact us if you have questions.
• Have you applied for funding for this project elsewhere? Please include details, including specifying what part of your project IATL funding will support.
• If you have a shortfall in your budget, how will you meet it?


Project Support funding does not normally cover:

  • the purchase or use of equipment
  • staff costs for full-time staff
  • a project that involves delivering a course of learning
  • fees to publish material in a journal or on a platform
  • a project that is the same or very similar to one we have already funded. Please contact us before applying if you wish to develop a project that has already received support.

Students, please note that funded activity/outcomes:

  • cannot be used as part of any student assessment
  • must be completed within 3 months after graduation at the latest.

Please ensure you review Project Support guidance on what types of projects we support, including funding limits for student-led and for staff or staff/student co-led projects. If you are unsure whether we can fund an item or activity, please ask us before you apply.

Any examples provided here are to demonstrate the type of information to include, rather than indicating that we are able to support specific requests.