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Chemistry Flexible Working Policy

In line with the Department of Chemistry’s commitment to improve workplace equality and promote an inclusive culture, the Executive Committee has agreed the following flexible arrangements for all staff groups:

To continue to support Chemistry’s flexible working request process

With senior management approval, allowing staff to review and amend agreed flexible working requests more than once within a calendar year, for example · Flexible start and finish times - with senior line manager approval, allowing those with caring responsibilities to participate in after school activities, for example

Flexible lunch hours

To be agreed locally to allow participation in wellbeing/social/sports activities, for example.

Consideration to be made by line managers for occasional home working requests for all staff groups.
Communication of improved IT infrastructure in place to support remote working

The scheduling of training, meetings and other departmental events to be within core hours (10.00-16:00) (Mon-Fri) where possible.

Senior Management must consider the wider business needs of the Department.

There may be some instances where business needs or the requirements of a particular role will make it impractical for a position to be carried out on a different working pattern then that stated in the job advert and/or the employment offer.

Any agreed new flexible working arrangement may be subject to a trial period (e.g. three months) or on a temporary basis where appropriate.

The length and terms of the trial period will be discussed with the employee prior to any changes being implemented and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Trial periods and temporary arrangements may be amended or withdrawn if there is a detrimental impact on the delivery of the service.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the University of Warwick Flexible Working Guidelines.

If you have any queries regarding the Flexible Working Policy in Chemistry/UoW or are experiencing difficulties getting approval for flexible hours, please email .