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Careers and employability

A degree from Warwick opens up doors to a number of career paths. We can help you build the right skills for your future. And we can do that from the moment you start your degree.

What can you do with a Chemistry degree?

Chemistry is an extremely versatile degree that will allow you to develop a range of practical and theoretical skills highly valued in the world of both work and academia. While graduates do go on to work in roles using Chemistry knowledge day-to-day, many more are in fields where the approach and skills developed at Warwick are central to their work.

Here are some examples of their job roles:

  • Analytical chemist
  • Patent attorney
  • Management consultant
  • Risk analyst
  • Chemistry teacher
  • Software developer

Discover other roles associated with Chemistry

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There are a number of reasons why Warwick Chemistry students achieve good outcomes in the job market:

  • Warwick has an excellent reputation with employers - in the 2019 High Fliers report, Warwick was ranked number 4 in the UK as the most targeted by employers.
  • The opportunity to take part in a number of flexible work placements with industry-leading companies will set you apart from other graduates and help you develop the skills and confidence you need to be successful throughout your future career.

  • Our core skills development programme allows you to see how your skills are developing within the course and how you can access experience outside the course to increase your employability.

  • Opportunities to take part in high-level research projects (URSS, summer institutes, 4th Year projects) will give you an idea of what further study is like.

Dr Ruth Patchett

Communications, Outreach and Impact Officer

Victoria Hunter

Senior Research Executive

Diki Fundu

Process Development Chemist

Nikolas Burkoff

Analyst Programmer

"Towards the end of my Chemistry degree, an option that naturally stood out to me was Data Science/Engineering. I always had a hobbyist interest in technology and software, with some home grown programming skills. The problem solving and critical thinking skills I developed during the course and URSS, naturally meshed well with the skills required to excel in Data Science. You don’t need a computer science degree to work in the industry, just some programming skills and a keen eye for analysis, which Warwick Chemistry absolutely prepares you for."

Jacob Punter (BSc Chemistry 2017, MSc Chemistry 2019, Nanodegree, Data Science, Udacity)
Data Science Engineer Intern

"The Chemistry courses at Warwick are structured right from the beginning with employability in mind. There is a wide range of modules taught in the first two years in order to give students a wide grounding in all of chemistry, in addition to specific careers and key skills focussed modules. I was able to undertake a summer research project and then, thanks to one of the department’s industrial links, I secured an industrial placement in the Netherlands. This placement took place in the third year, enabling me to carry out the full final year research project the following year. These three projects enabled me to graduate with a considerable amount of research experience ‘under my belt’ which was invaluable in helping me secure my current job as a research chemist at Infineum."

Ben Westwood (MChem 2018)

Research Chemist, Infineum