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Recommended Reading

During induction you will be provided with a voucher that will enable you to collect the core text books for the course from the University Bookshop and we do not require any prescribed reading prior to starting your course.

However, during the first year you will be required to pass a module in mathematical concepts that are needed for undergraduate Chemistry. This module is fully supported with lectures, workshops and revision classes and you might want to get a head start: for this we strongly recommend Maths for Chemists.

Maths for Chemists by Martin Cockett and Graham Doggett, 2nd edition

This maths book is marvellous for anyone without A level maths (or with, for that matter).

We also hope that you are interested in Chemistry in the wider context and the following books are excellent and entertaining background reading to get you excited about studying the best subject on Earth!

What is Chemistry? by Peter Atkins

In this book, Peter Atkins discusses the contribution of chemistry to society, some of the major historical achievements of chemisty, and explores the fundamental concepts of chemistry in a way that is very accessible to chemists and non-chemists alike.

Nature's Building Blocks by John Emsley

John Emsley takes us on a tour of the periodic table, highlighting the history, uses and bioligical and chemical roles of each of the elements in the periodic table.

Why Chemical Reactions Happen by James Keeler and Peter Wothers

This very good book takes a unified approach to understanding chemical processes, pulling together what we know about bonding in molecules, how molecules interact, and what the outcome will be.