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Colloids are awesome little objects - PUBLIC LECTURE

Wed 2 March, 6 pm, Warwick University – room MS.02, maths dept

When we zoom in to microscopic dimensions a new world reveals itself, the one where small objects rule. Small particles, droplets, organisms, and nano-patterns have a tremendous influence on the properties and function of the vast ranges of materials we come across and use in our daily lives. The ability to make complex colloidal particles and structures, and to understand their behaviour and interactions, allows us to make materials with advanced properties. In this lecture open to the general public (suitable for students aged 15 and upward) we will investigate the “cool” materials we can make with colloids; examples will include coatings, adhesives, gels, and small particles that can “swim” or change size and shape. Stefan A. F. Bon from the University of Warwick and in charge of the BonLab is the Royal Society of Chemistry Materials Chemistry Division outreach lecturer for 2015-16.

1730-1800 welcome with tea/coffee and cookies; 1800 start; 2000 end

Please email to book. Schools groups very welcome, suitable for students aged 15+. Students aged 16 and over may come on their own

More information from Selina Kermode,