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Warwick-Monash Strategic Funding Initiative for Joint Research and Education

“Healthcare improvement through metal-based imaging and therapeutics”


Aim: to create a world-leading centre for bio-elemental imaging, therapeutics and diagnostics, based on the complementary expertise and facilities at Monash and Warwick across various disciplines.


To take part, please register your interest as soon as possible on our registration form, where you can request a slot for a talk (5, 10 or 15 min). If you register we will send you further details of the Workshop in due course.


The workshop will cover the application of state-of-the-art techniques and methods with short talks on research already in progress and future needs (industries will be invited).


You are encouraged to attend even if your current work is not directly related but you can foresee a future application.


During the final sessions, grant applications will be planned.


Monash participants: Phil Andrews, Alison Funston, Bim Graham, Alan Bond, Lisa Martin, Steve Langford, Peter Junk, Don McNaughton.


Peter Sadler