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Helen Cooper

Prof. Helen Cooper

Department of Chemistry
University of Birmingham

13:00 - 14:00,
Weds 21 June, 2023

PLT, Science concourse

Prof. Cooper joins us to deliver her RSC 2022 Theophilus Redwood Award (Analytical Division)

This is a departmental lecture for all students and staff. Please come along. Refreshments will be provided.

Winner of the 2022 Analytical Division open Award:
Theophilus Redwood Award

For the development of native ambient mass spectrometry as an analytical technique to enable direct analysis and imaging of intact proteins and protein assemblies from tissue

Proteins are the workhorses of the cell, performing all the functions necessary for life. They are large molecules associated with a vast array of chemical modifications, and which form loosely-bound complexes with themselves, other proteins and other types of molecules. It is not only their chemical structure but also their overall 3D structure which dictates their function. To truly understand the various and specific roles of proteins in life processes, we need to be able to analyse protein structure at the molecular level directly from the physiological environment, e.g. in tissue.

Professor Cooper and her team are developing new tools and approaches, collectively termed native ambient mass spectrometry, to address that challenge. In developing these tools, they are providing new routes to understand disease processes and aid drug discovery.