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PG Symposium 2022

It was with great excitement that we celebrated the 11th annual PG Symposium IN PERSON!

Such an fantastic array of talks and posters on 25th May 2022. Thanks and congratulations to all our much-valued postgraduate researchers, with special recognition going to prize-winners by popular vote.

Presentation prizes

Polymers and materials

First prize: Huizhe Liu

Runner up: Lucas Al-Shok


Chemical Biology, Synthesis and Catalysis, Materials

First prize: Marlene Rothe

Runner up (Joint): Rebecca Clayton and Tim Kirkman (joint)


Measurement and modelling

First prize: Matt Warren

Runner up: Temitope Abiola


Poster prizes

First prize: Joe Gilkes

Runners up: Frances Bugden and Vincent Maugein

2021 Thesis Prize (Administered by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Rhiannon Brooks

‘Biophysical Investigation of Membrane Curvature Sensing Amphipathic Helices’

2021 Publication Prize:

Fabienne Bachtiger

For the paper:

The atomistic details of the ice recrystallisation inhibition activity of PVA. Fabienne Bachtiger, Thomas R. Congdon, Christopher Stubbs, Matthew I. Gibson and Gabriele C. Sosso, Nature Commun. 12, Article number: 1323 (2021).