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Sunshine in the Classroom

Did Yoda first propose the law of energy conservation, or is he just a cool green guy who’s surprisingly handy with a light sabre?

Y9 Science pupils at Exhall Grange School learnt the answer to this and many other questions during a visit from one of our star PhD Students, Latifa Alostad.

Latifa was there to launch our new bookable outreach activity, ‘From Solar Power to Horse Power’, to celebrate the National Chemistry Week, pioneered by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Pupils were treated to amazing facts, brain-teasing quiz questions and, best of all, light-operated remote control car races. All whilst learning all about the chemistry of solar power.

One pupil, Amos, enthused:

“That was sick!”

Richard Allsopp

Science Lead, Richard Allsopp, who leapt at the chance of a teachers’ race, said:

“It gave the opportunity to wear some rather stylish sunglass and brought out the competitive steak in everyone!”

This year, the National Chemistry Week focussed on the theme of sustainability. And quite right too. As well as having fun with science, we need to inspire kids to be our future materials chemists. As future chemists, these are the people who will discover and invent better ways to harness the sun’s power to make renewable electricity. Which, by the way, is the most useful form of energy to humans (something else we learnt)!

Not just for Chemistry Week!

We are doing the rounds! Our Director Undergraduate Studies Dr Dan Murdock has already taken the session out again to Year 8 Science pupils at Stoke Park School, adding jump tricks to the solar powered car fun! So, if you are a KS3 teacher and want to bring some sunshine into your science lesson, contact opens in a new window to book this activity.