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Cabbage pH Indicator

This experiment involves the extraction of the natural pH indicator molecule present in red cabbage. This solution will then be used to investigate a selection of household items to determine their pH. Solutions that are acidic (i.e. have a pH lover than 7) will turn the starting purple solution pink and then red, while basic solutions (i.e. have a pH higher than 7) will turn the starting purple solution blue, then green and finally yellow.

Suggested teaching points

  • Acids and bases
  • Applications of natural chemicals
  • Properties of molecules
  • Investigative techniques

This file contains a set of detailed instructions, suggested questions, suggested improvements and disposal procedures for this experiment.

(PDF Document) Cabbage pH indicator experiment instructions

(PDF Document) Cabbage pH indicator colour chart handout

Before attempting this experiment, please ensure that you have read the safety section in the document above and performed a complete risk assessment. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please use these forms.