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February Plans







February Plans



1. Tetracene film spectrum
2. Chapter 4 complete draft to send to Bengt
3. Chapter 1 complete draft to send to Bengt
4. Chapter 5 and 6 ¡§C figures and spectra
5. Raman LD grant in
6. Rosalind Franklin proposal in



1. Finish Viscosity Chapter  

2. CD and LD of a, b and z forms of three types of DNA 

3. Write talk for group meeting (9th Feb)  

4. Write 18 month research report  

5. Write seminar summaries (10 mini) 

6. Write seminar summery (for general reader) 

7. Write review of recent advances.  

8. Corrections on Viscosity chapter Corrections done. Just need to shuffle!

9. DLS of a single conc and single sphere size multiple loadings

10. Literature Search of Plasmid DNA structure Several good papers found

11. Start PCR LD project MOS-450 cell returned, Not convinced it works!

12. March Booking sheets




1) Submit SRLD gramicidin paper

2) Speak to Peter Sadler about support for New Investigator funding

3) Data analysis for G1 peptide

4) Write website

5) Update CV

6) Look at synchrotron data for gramicidin with other lipids



1. Do AUC in University of Birmingham

2. Continue experiments for FtsZ polymerization

3. Do phosphate assay

4. Collect and analyse the data on FtsZ polymerization with YgfE mutants

5. Continue to purify FtsZ

6. Attend the course CH926



  1. Final corrections to chapter 1. Cobalt
  2. Rewrite chapter 2. Melittin in DMPC membranes
  3. 1 day a week do experiments I need to fill the gaps with melittin.
  4. Write the 232 transition chapter 3.



(Arranged in order of importance, the plan is currently to complete these tasks in list order)

1: Finish Capillary paper. (Work that is required : ACS spectra, Marcus finishing lens holder fabrication, write draft of paper for Alison's approval)

2: Complete MOAC transferable skills. (So Matt can buy me pizza)

3: Prepare for cluster talk on biological spectroscopic analysis.

4: Personal page on the group website. (Add content!)

5: Publish LD wiki entry. (Awaiting group response, will publish on the 9th if there is no more feedback by that date)

6: Begin work on Acid Etching, starting with SOP before beginning laboratory work. (Ready to go)

7: Keep in touch with Rhod and William, learn more about engineering. Continue design work on the peltier LD cell. (Ongoing)

8: Look into Su-8 photo-resist cells. (Awaiting fresh samples of quartz for Su-8 testing (UPDATE:Chased up edmund optics, delivery for Tues at the latest).

9: Organise group conference.