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2002 Publications

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  • Dharmagunawardena, B., Sanders, K.J., Cannan, S., Howell, K., Ilchyshyn, A., Rodger, A. “Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry as an investigative tool in multiple allergy to essential oils” Contact Dermatitis 2002, 47, 288-292
  • Lukač, R., Clark, A.J., San-Miguel, M.A., Rodger, A., Rodger, P.M. “Predicting chiral discrimination in HPLC from computer simulations” Journal of Molecular Liquids 2002, 101, 261-272
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  • Đapic, V., Bates, P.J., Trent, J.O., Rodger, A., Thomas, S.D., Miller, D.M., “Antiproliferative activity of G-quartet-forming oligonucleotides with backbone and sugar modifications” Biochemistry 2002, 41, 3676-3685
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  • Ardhammar, M., Lincoln, P., Rodger, A., Nordén, B. “Absolute configuration and assignment of electronic transitions of light-switch complex [Ru(phen)2dppz]2+ deduced from oriented circular dichroism in a lamellar liquid crystal host” Chemical Physics Letters 2002,354, 44-50
  • Meistermann, I., Moreno, V., Prieto, M.J., Molderheim, E., Sletten, E., Khalid, S., Rodger, P.M., Peberdy, J., Isaac, C.J., Rodger, A., Hannon, M.J. “Intramolecular DNA coiling mediated by metallo-supramolecular cylinders: differential binding of P and M helical enantiomers” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2002, 99, 5069-5074
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  • Lukač, R., Clark, A.J., Khalid, S., Rodger, A., Snedden, A., Rodger, P.M. “Chiral discrimination in mobile phases for HPLC” Journal of Molecular Liquids 2002, 98-99, 411-423
  • Rodger, A.; Nordén, B.; Rodger, P.M.; Bates, P.J. “DNA as a catalyst and catalytic template for the racemisation of metal tris-phenanthroline complexes” European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2002, 1, 49-53