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2005 Publications

  • Marrington, R.; Dafforn, T.R.; Halsall, D.J.; Hicks, M.; Rodger, A. “Validation of new microvolume Couette flow linear dichroism cells” Analyst, 2005, 130, 1608-1616
  • Khalid, S.; Rodger, P.M.; and Rodger, A. “Theoretical aspects of the enantiomeric resolution of dimetallo helicates with different surface topologies on cellulose columns” Journal of Liquid Chromatography 2005, 28, 2995-3003
  • Koutsoudaki, C.; Kresk, M.; Rodger, A. “Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil and the gum of Pistacia lentiscus var. chiaJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2005, 53, 7681-7685
  • Rajendra, J.; Rodger, A. “The binding of single stranded DNA and PNA to single walled carbon nanotubes probed by flow linear dichroism” Chemistry - A European Journal 2005, 11, 4841-48
  • Addinall, S. G.; Johnson, K.A.; Dafforn, T.R.; Smith, C.; Rodger, A.; Gomez, R.P.; Sloan, K.; Blewitt, A.; Scott, D.J.; Roper, D.I “Expression, purification and crystallisation of the cell-division protein YgfE from Escherichia ColiActa Cryst. Structural Biology and Crystallisation Communications 2005, F61, 305-307
  • Uerpmann, C.; Malina, J.; Pascu, M.; Clarkson, G.J.; Moreno, V.; Rodger, A.; Grandas, A.; Hannon, M.J. “Design and DNA binding of an extended triple-stranded metallo-supramolecular cylinder” Chemistry - A European Journal 2005, 11, 1750-1756