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The next conferences/meetings are:

Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group Meeting

Date: 7th - 9th January 2013

Attendees: Adam (tba), Ed (talk), Jamie (poster), Mike (poster), Mick (poster), Gareth and Vas

Location: Durham University, UK

Past Conferences:

Gordon Research Conference: Atomic and Molecular Interactions

Date: 14th - 20th July 2012

Attendees: Vas (HOT TOPIC TALK), Gareth (Poster)

Location: Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts, USA

Faraday Discussion 157: Molecular Reaction Dynamics in Gases, Liquids and Interfaces

Date: 25th - 27th June 2012

Attendees: Vas (poster), Gareth (poster)

Location: Assisi, Italy

Astrobiology Science Conference 2012

Date: 16th - 20th April 2012

Attendees: Vas (talk)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions

Date: 22nd - 27th January 2012

Attendees: Vas (poster)

Location: Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group Meeting

Date: 4th - 6th January 2012

Attendees: Dave (talk), Craig (poster), Gareth (talk) and Vas (poster)

Location: Leicester University, UK

Ultrafast Chemical Physics & Physical Chemistry: UCP 2011

Date: 14th - 16th December 2011

Attendees: Ed (poster)

Location: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK