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Dr Andrew Marsh

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Dr Andrew Marsh

Reader of Chemistry 

About Me

    Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to the synthesis and application of functional molecules. Understanding how the molecules we make interact with each other (supramolecular chemistry) and with biological targets for translation as therapeutics. Synthesis of heterocycles and nucleobase analogs that are able to self-assemble using hydrogen bonds and other non-covalent interactions. Discovery of protein targets for known bioactive molecules using phage display and affinity methods. Synthetic and biomolecular interactions using Physico-chemical techniques including isothermal titration calorimetry, gel permeation chromatography, and NMR methods.

    Groups at Warwick


    • Reader, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, University of Warwick
    • Research Fellow, Centre for Self-Organising Molecular Systems, University of Leeds
    • Royal Society European Exchange Fellow, EC Marie Curie (HCM) Fellow, Université Louis Paster, Strasbourg
    • Undergraduate and postgraduate study, Imperial College, London