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Cohort 2

Graduation Cohort 2


MSc Graduation

The Butterworth Hall
Friday 20th January 2017

DST Awards Cohort 2b

DST MSc Awards 2015/16

Best Overall Performance:

Shazeaa Ishmael (University of Oxford)

Alex Borrill (University of Warwick)

Most Improved Performance:

Maabur Sow (University of Oxford)


DST MSc Teaching Awards 2015/16

Term 1:

Mark Newton (University of Warwick)

Term 2:

Alan Kemp (University of Strathclyde)

Johnathan Ash

PhD Title: Surface Effects in Light Emission from Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Andy Evans
Institution: Aberystwyth University

Ella Bentin

PhD Title: Electrochemical sensing of endocrine disruptors
PhD Supervisor: Prof. John Foord
Institution: University of Oxford

Alex Borrill

PhD Title: Engineered Diamond for Spectroelectrochemistry
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Julie Macpherson
Institution: University of Warwick

Joseph Durk

PhD Title: Spectroscopy studies of Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Materials (cBN) to build Behaviour Models in selected Precision Machining Applications
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Andy Evans
Institution: Aberystwyth University

Lukasz Dziechciarczyk

PhD Title: Diamond Lasers: The Direct use of Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Alan Kemp
Institution: University of Strathclyde

Fabian Fogarty

PhD Title: Studies of the Thermionic and Field Emmision from Chemically Modified CVD Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Paul May
Institution: Bristol University

Shazeaa Ishmael

PhD Title: Freeing the NV Qubit with an Efficient Quantum Optical Interface
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Jason Smith
Institution: University of Oxford

Robin Laurence

PhD Title: Effects of Strain Rates, Loading Directions and Fatigue on Impact Behaviour of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Richard Todd
Institution: University of Oxford

Maabur Sow

PhD Title: Single-Molecule Imaging of Protein-Dna Interactions Using Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Achillefs N. Kapanidis
Institution: University of Oxford

Guy Stimpson

PhD Title: Nitrogen-Vacancy Qubit Experiments in High Magnetic Fields
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Gavin Morley
Institution: University of Warwick

Amber Wassell

PhD Title: Time Resolved Spectroscopy of Colour Centres in Diamond for Quantum Technologies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Lynch
Institution: Cardiff University

Jacob Wood

PhD Title: Hydrogen in natural diamonds: How much, how is it incorporated and what can it tell us about diamond growth environments?
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Simon Kohn
Institution: Bristol University