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Value & Impact: ENHANCE Taxonomy


The ENHANCE Taxonomy is a valuable tool for structuring and categorizing educational concepts, objectives, and outcomes. It provides a systematic framework that helps educators organize, classify, and communicate learning goals and achievements. By establishing a clear taxonomy, educational institutions can enhance curriculum development, assessment practices, and instructional design.


The ENHANCE Taxonomy provides educators with a structured framework for designing curricula and instructional activities. Helps ensure that learning objectives are aligned with desired outcomes and that instruction is appropriately scaffolded to facilitate student progression. It supports assessment practices by providing a clear reference point for evaluating student performance. Educators can use the taxonomy to develop assessments that measure progress across different levels of complexity and enable meaningful feedback to support student growth. Additionally, an education taxonomy enhances communication among educational stakeholders, enabling educators, students, parents, and policymakers to have a shared understanding of educational objectives, achievement levels, and learning pathways.


The ENHANCE Taxonomy was developed using data from:

  • An online survey 734 respondents from HEIs, Industry and QA agencies;
  • 3 practice-dialogue workshops with 200+ attendees from HEIs, Industry, NGOs, GOs
  • 3 curriculum development workshops with 140+ participants from the ENHANCE partner HEIs

Value and Impact


  • Organises educational content in a structured and systematic manner;
  • Enhances accessibility and usability of educational resources;
  • Provides clarity and coherence in the organisation of knowledge;
  • Supports curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment;
  • Improves learning outcomes and promote effective learning;
  • Optimises content management and personalised learning experiences;
  • Streamlines the educational process and promote meaningful learning journeys.


  • Used for the redesign and transformation of 330+ courses pertaining to 25+ existing programmes;
  • Used for the development of 2 new postgraduate programmes, one at Master's level and one at Doctoral level;
  • Impacting the education of 6000+ students annually;
  • Feeding to the ENHANCE App, our flagship online tool, used for the evaluation of 3000+ programmes worldwide.