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New Resource - ENHANCE Taxonomy

Visit our Resources page to find the ENHANCE taxonomy - our road map to better engineering education that supports humanitarian goals.

When designing engineering curricula, the aim of meeting market, industry and societal needs should be central. Developing curricula which integrate markets, industry and communities within the HEI education framework creates its own specific challenges and opportunities. Optimal curriculum design aims at delivering attributes (knowledge, skills, experience) needed for industry, market, government and tackling grand challenges. The ENHANCE taxonomy aims to demonstrate how these needs can be met through the application of state-of-the-art education approaches.

Our brochure outlining the ENHANCE taxonomy and how it is used to improve engineering programmes can now be accessed via the resources page on our website. The brochure is beautifully presented and available in all of our programme languages - English, Indonesian, Bengali and Vietnamese. Please feel free to download, read and share it!

Wed 02 Feb 2022, 10:22 | Tags: engineering, humanitarian, output, resource, teaching and learning