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ENHANCE Training Events

Three training events delivered in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam in July-August 2022

The Enhance project hosted comprehensive training events focused on three vital components: our Taxonomy, App, and the Training Kit for innovative pedagogies. These workshops gathered educators, researchers, and technology enthusiasts eager to explore the potential of these tools in revolutionizing teaching practices. Participants received hands-on training on how to effectively implement the taxonomy system, utilize the innovative app to enhance learning experiences, and make the most of the training kit to integrate new and creative pedagogies into their classrooms. The events proved to be a resounding success, equipping attendees with the skills and knowledge to foster a dynamic and future-ready educational landscape.

Our training events attracted more than 350 attendees.

See photos of our training events hereLink opens in a new window.

Fri 26 Aug 2022, 10:50 | Tags: workshop, education, engineering, teaching and learning