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Developing the ENHANCE toolkit

Following our virtual workshops, our team have been working on the development of the ENHANCE Toolkit. This is a set of resources and materials that will help Engineering departments and educators to make updates and improvements to their programmes. These resources will focus on the latest teaching and learning practices such as interdisciplinary teaching and learning, problem based learning and online learning and assessment and how to apply best practice in these areas to Engineering programmes. Many of these topics were covered in our virtual workshops with feedback and queries from participants informing our project members on areas for expansion or further detail.


Using the toolkit, a teaching academic will be able to train their colleagues in these vital teaching and learning techniques as well as learn to develop curricula that integrate best practices at a core level. In conjunction with the ENHANCE App, which can be downloaded right now and used to evaluate current programmes, the toolkit will contribute greatly to our goal of encouraging and facilitating improvements in Engineering programmes worldwide.

The toolkit will be launched at our upcoming training events in our partner institutions in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Tue 21 Jun 2022, 12:01 | Tags: training, teaching and learning, pedagogy