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Internet Habits Change Dramatically as a Result of Covid-19 Pandemic

University of West Attica academic Dr Yiannis Kompouros comments upon how the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about changes to our internet use. These changes will have a lasting effect on our habits and on teaching and learning strategies.

The coronavirus pandemic changed Internet statistics a lot. The virus pushed people to their devices for work, connect, play and learn. On the other hand, students were disproportionately affected by covid-related school closures, as not all children had the opportunities, equipment, or access to continue learning during the pandemic. Following the pandemic, the education sector will adopt some blended learning in the following years. Teachers will be able to use the digital insights provided by virtual learning while still providing the formative learning that is best transmitted through in-person instruction. In our case, problem-based learning using ICTs was proved valuable during the COVID era. Unified Communication software, like Zoom, MS Teams, and others, will play an ever-increasing role in delivering educational materials and assessments. However, fast upload and download speeds are necessary to introduce new learning mediums such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for engineering disciplines and labs.

Wed 04 Aug 2021, 12:02 | Tags: teaching and learning