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UB Students participate in student community service

This summer Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Indonesia participated in collaborative student community service (SCS) together with ITB, UGM and the ENHANCE project. This year the collaborative SCS has taken place in Ciroyom village, Tasikmalaya regency of West Java.

Due to the pandemic condition, this collaborative SCS was carried out in a hybrid system which was attended by students from UB, ITB and UGM from different backgrounds and study programmes. The topic of this collaborative SCS was based on strategic issues and problems faced by the community in Ciroyom village such as the development concept of an ecotourism village including preparing its master plan.

In the beginning of the programme before the students started the activity on location (Ciroyom Village, Tasikmalaya), a series of activities was conducted which was organised by the directorate students’ affairs (Ditmawa) ITB, such as giving lectures or briefing to students about the activities during the implementation of the programme. Internally to UB the students also get the supervision from UB-Enhance team, coordinated by Irnia Nurika, PhD. The output of this programme includes a master plan, a design book of development tea products, a book of waste bank development and organic fertilizer, a book of entrepreneurial guidance (entrepreneur digitalisation). This collaborative SCS received positive response and high appreciation from the community of Ciroyom village.

Tue 16 Nov 2021, 10:21 | Tags: education, engineering, humanitarian