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Postgraduate Opportunities at the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training, University of Bristol

Postgraduate opportunities at the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training

Bristol's Quantum Engineering CDT offers a unique training and development experience for those wishing to pursue a career in the emerging quantum technologies industry, and we are now recruiting to our PhD programme for entry in September 2023.

Wed 09 Nov 2022, 16:28 | Tags: PG Scholarship, UG

Fully-funded PhDs in Speech and NLP at the University of Sheffield

Our first round of recruitment for our fifth cohort of PhD students (starting in September 2023) to join the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Speech and Language Technologies (SLT) and their ApplicationsLink opens in a new window is now open (with a deadline of 31 January 2023). The CDT is hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the University of SheffieldLink opens in a new window. We are keen to raise awareness of this recruitment round with relevant students across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Wed 09 Nov 2022, 16:24 | Tags: PG Scholarship, UG

Feuer International Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence

Are you a female looking to change the world through AI? Apply now for a prestigious PhD scholarship here at the University of Warwick.

The Feuer International Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence were established to create a group of extremely talented, academically brilliant, world-leading young researchers who will go on to have careers in the field of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

In a male-dominated field, the Feuer Scholarship is specifically looking for female students who can bring their technical skills and innovative approaches to problem-solving to this area.

You can find more about the Feuer Scholarship hereLink opens in a new window. The Feuer International Scholarships in AI offer a generous funding package, including full PhD tuition fees for four years, a maintenance stipend in line with UKRI rates, a Research, Training and Supporting Grant and a research top-up grant.

In order to apply, you should be a female student at Warwick with a first-class undergraduate degree (or about to graduate), a Masters degree with distinction (or on track to achieve that), or international equivalents. You will need to complete the ‘Further Information’ document and provide a CV by 21/11/22 to opens in a new window

Feuer Scholarship Further InformationLink opens in a new window

Thu 03 Nov 2022, 10:53 | Tags: Careers, PG Scholarship, UG

PhD Scholarship: Carrier lifetimes in silicon solar cells measured by muon spin spectroscopy

Photovoltaic installations have recently reached the terawatt level and this is almost entirely due to the success of silicon-based solar cell technologies. Silicon PV is low-cost and stable for 25+ years, and cell efficiencies are unrivalled by other mass-market single-junction technologies. Improvements in silicon cells will have a real-world impact on climate change mitigation and improving energy supply security.

Fri 22 Jul 2022, 14:20 | Tags: PG Scholarship

PhD Scholarship: Mathematical and Computational Modelling of High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy

An exciting opportunity exists to join the Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Systems Medicine (ICSM) Research Group as a doctoral candidate. Working with an international team of clinicians and engineers, you will develop mathematical models of high-flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNOT), an advanced form of non-invasive respiratory support that is increasingly widely used in the treatment of acute hypoxic respiratory failure (AHRF). Models will be coded in Matlab and incorporated into the ICSM Cardiopulmonary simulator, a world-leading simulation platform that has been in continuous development by our group for over 25 years [1-5].

Fri 22 Jul 2022, 08:58 | Tags: PG Scholarship

PhD Scholarship: Model-informed development and dose rationale for combination therapy in oncology

To develop a modelling framework to predict and translate the pharmacodynamic interaction in oncology for both tumour growth and safety (e.g. thrombocytopenia). The modelling will provide a better understanding and translation of the nature of the interaction of drug combinations in preclinical experiments. The proposed model-based approach will also inform more informative experimental protocols for the ranking of drug combinations based on the underlying pharmacodynamic interactions.

Fri 22 Jul 2022, 08:56 | Tags: PG Scholarship

Scholarship: Design a novel fast optical technique for structured catalysts in plasma flow reactors

The primary objective of this research is to develop a method allowing to obtain reliable temperature and concentration maps for key components inside the chemical reactor. Then the catalytic reaction will be studied in real-time to determine the reactant conversion and product yields/selectivity as a function of several process parameters (flow rate, catalyst type, pressure etc.).

Fri 22 Jul 2022, 08:53 | Tags: PG Scholarship