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Safety Shoes and Lab Coats

Safety Shoes and Laboratory Coatschukkabootchukkashoe

Safety shoes incorporating steel toe caps to BS EN ISO 20345:2004 are required for entering the workshop areas on the ground floor of the Engineering building (i.e. those off the main walkways) and when you step out of the main yellow lined walkways within the WMG buildings. They may also be required in other areas where determined by risk assessment, based upon the activities being carried out in the area that may or may not be directly related to what you are doing.labcoat

Even some of our site visits, including visits to organisations such as Rolls-Royce Aerospace plc will require you to wear safety shoes, so if your course includes visits such as this, ensure that you have the relevant equipment before you go.

All students are required to wear a laboratory coat in laboratories and workshops (other than the IT suites). Laboratory coats must be long sleeved and cover you and your clothing to knee length. Within the workshop and laboratory areas it is expected that trousers will be worn (not loose fitting), to cover your skin.

Collection of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

First year undergraduate students will be provided with one pair of either safety boots or shoes and a laboratory coat. A local supplier will visit the School of Engineering/WMG at the start of term and the times and location can be found on your timetable.

During these times you will have the opportunity to try on boots/shoes and a lab coat to ensure that you obtain the correct size for you. Please ensure that you take with you your ID Card and any paperwork issued by the ESO as you will be unable to collect your PPE without it.

MSc students have the opportunity to purchase safety footwear and/or a laboratory coat on the same dates . Murray Uniforms will accept only cash upon collection.

Note that you will not be permitted to take part in workshop activities without wearing appropriate PPE. The School does not have any spare shoes/boots so it is vital that you collect and then bring in your PPE on the days when workshops are scheduled.

On occasion the supplier may not have sufficient number of a certain size of boot/shoe or lab coat which will require an order to be raised with the supplier for later collection. Please therefore try and arrange to collect your PPE as early as you can, so that alternative delivery arrangements can be made to collect whilst they return to site at a later date. Failure to collect your PPE on the dates above may result in you having to make arrangements to purchase them directly with the supplier.

Safety glasses or goggles will be issued to students during the laboratory or workshop if they are required and can be worn over normal spectacles. Similarly any gloves or respiratory protection will be provided if determined by risk assessment.